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Unique Gifts: Handbags

Explore our handpicked selection of handbags, designed and handcrafted with great care by talented artisans worldwide:

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These fashionable and original handbag gifts are great for any of us ladies that likes to carry around a wallet and keys - quite a few. They also make a statement or two. These handbag gifts are bold and unique enough, made of ancient batik methods and soda pop tops, to make a fashion statement. But they’re also made of recycled materials or with a small ecological footprint, making a statement about the environment. These gift handbags are crafted individually and reflect the personalities of the actual designers. Each handbag is worthy enough on its own, but for a fun idea, can also serve as the wrapping for other gifts inside of it. And if you’re not much of a wrapper, many of them can come conveniently gift-wrapped as a gift to you.
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