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Animal Sculpture

Welcome to NOVICA’s Animal Sculpture collection! What better gift then that of an Animal Sculpture from around the world to bring a room to life?!

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Animal Sculpture

In many cultures, since ancient times, animals have been the subject of many prolific artists' greatest pieces of art, including México’s designer Angel Ceron’s depiction of man’s best friend via his ceramic animal sculptures. In many of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic cultures, the dog, who is believed to see spirits, was depicted as loyal leader walking the master’s soul to the realm of the dead. For the playfully, sometimes mischievous and curious one, the “Three Monkeys’ has been immortalized by Nyoman Karsa, in a carefully hand carved Balinese suar wood statuette “seeing no evil, speaking no evil and hearing no evil.” From the owl, cat, hummingbird, the horse, penguin, lion, swans and more, NOVICA offers an abundance of animal sculptures to match you or your loved one with your favorite animal.