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Still Life Oil Paintings

Welcome to Novica's Still Life Oil Painting Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our still life oil paintings below:

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Popular Still Life Oil Paintings

Still Life Oil Paintings

Oil paints serve artists to immortalize a moment in the continuum of life. Playing with light and shadows, as well as with a vibrant spectrum of colors, their contributions to Novica's gallery of still life oil paintings are admirable.

Academia defines a still life painting as one which features inanimate objects according to a theme that is either symbolic or esthetic. We are marveled at how artists master this universal style and personalize it with their unique and cultural vision.

The florid gifts that Mother Earth gives around the world can be admired in the still life flower paintings from Indonesia, Peru and India. In Brazil, reality becomes transformed into bold still life abstract oil paintings, where convention is disregarded all the while ensuring esthetic harmony.

We invite you to visit Novica's exclusive gallery of still life oil paintings and be enthralled with the subtleties that make each one unique.