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Lapis Necklaces

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Lapis Necklaces

In ancient times, lapis lazuli was grounded up and used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The Romans used lapis as an aphrodisiac, and during the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli was believed to maintain a person's skeleton while keeping the spirit free from fear and jealousy. The intense blue hue of lapis features a cosmos of golden specks -- indeed a beautiful gem and the muse in Novica's Lapis Necklaces collection.

Flowers blossom with lapis petals in the bold designs of Thai silversmiths. The gem's blue glow offers harmonious balance to amethyst rings and necklaces, and a perfect contrast in carnelian necklaces. P.C. Gupta showcases lapis lazuli in the extraordinary design of marble inlay chess sets and boxes.

A Lapis Lazuli Necklace from Novica is destined to be treasured as a timeless keepsake, especially for the September born. As a choker, long necklace, or strand, the natural beauty of lapis is inspirational.