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Marcasite Jewelry

Explore a collection of marcasite jewelry that draws on the floral and mythological motifs of Art Nouveau era design and contemporary influences alike.

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Popular Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite’s formal introduction to the modern world of jewelry can be traced back to the brief period following Queen Victoria’s death known as Art Nouveau. In an effort to reconnect with the natural world via design, Art Nouveau was characterized by the floral motifs and curved lines found in architecture, artwork, typography, and jewelry during this time. Tiny marcasite gems were used to create the quintessential Art Nouveau-style of jewelry. Today, NOVICA welcomes the renewed interest in this enigmatic stone with a marcasite jewelry collection that is certain to enthrall. Contemporary artists from around the world borrow themes from marcasite jewelry history to create a collection of pieces steeped in vintage glamour. Find elegant marcasite flower earrings punctuated with garnet gemstones or white pearls and pair them with a necklace to create your own marcasite jewelry set.