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Beaded Earrings

From the uniqueness of gems to the artistry of batik, a pair of beaded earrings is always fascinating. Expert artisans venture into combining textures and colors when designing a beaded earring. Today is your turn to venture into Novica’s gallery of Beaded Earrings.

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Beaded Earrings

Beading earrings require a flair for color and style: we can all string beads but let’s face it – it takes a true artist to achieve that perfect harmony between materials and design. Dedicated artisans from the hill tribes of northern Thailand and valleys of India, as well as in the West African savanna share their cultural lineage in handcrafted beaded earrings. In Brazil, Mexico and Peru, the beaded earring has long been a fashion statement with a personal touch. Novica invites you to be part of a millenary tradition by sharing beaded jewelry as a gift between the women in your family, and in your circle of friends.