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Wood Bracelets

Welcome to Novica's Wood Bracelet Gallery! Kindly enjoy exploring our handcarved wood bracelet collection below:

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Popular Wood Bracelets

The Wood Bracelet

Wood jewelry is exotic and endearing. Novica artisans offer a wide array of wood bracelets for any personality by designers from around the world. You're cordially invited to peruse Novica's wood bracelet gallery. Please enjoy!

Just about any wood can be used to make wood bracelets. However, sturdier hard woods are used to ensure quality. Also, sustainable woods area often used to produce many wooden jewelry pieces to help give back to give back to the environment.

A Wood bracelet can be paired with just about any jewelry item including chokers and gemstone pieces to achieve the desired affect. Thai jewelry artisan Netnapa Thapinta often uses mango wood to create her unusual wooden bracelets. Her lovely pieces can be worn with gold earrings or silver accents.

Please enjoy exploring Novica's wood bracelet gallery!