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Peruvian Bracelets

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The Peruvian Bracelet

In Peruvian mythology, silver represents the tears of the moon, and gold represents Inti, the Sun God. The Incas lacked a written language and devised imaginative methods for recording information, including jewelry that became precious heirlooms passed on from one family generation to the next. Together with Andean jewelers we have compiled a historic collection of Peruvian Bracelets featuring silver and colorful gemstones.

The Andean region is one of the world's top producers of quality silver and gold. Some artisans create fine reproductions of antiques featuring Inca iconography such as a spiral, symbol of evolution and the chakana cross representing fire, wind, air and water. They are replicated in necklaces as well as in hand-loomed tapestries. Other artisans prefer to reinvent classic themes or create new designs featuring flowers or abstract designs.

Novica's collection of hand-crafted Peruvian Bracelets is rich in styles as well as materials, including leather cuffs and cow bone bangles.