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Aquamarine Jewelry

Welcome to Novica's Aquamarine Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our selection of sparkling aquamarine jewelry below:

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The blue-green glow of aquamarine has been prized since time immemorial. Known as "Water of the Sea," aquamarine was believed to protect sailors. The Romans believed it to heal stomach, liver and throat, and to this day, many use it in advanced meditation. At Novica, we invite you to admire the beauty of aquamarine through our exclusive jewelry collection.

Artisans in India treasure aquamarine in designs that celebrate their jeweled legacy. Aquamarine is primarily mined in Brazil, where artisans showcase the March birthstone in the bold design of their silver jewelry.

Artisans from around the world continuously surprise us with their endless creativity and hand-crafting skills. Together with them, we have compiled Novica's unique collection of fair trade corporate gifts for him, for her, for the office and for home.